We have many events catering to youth, including: creative writing workshops, radical cheerleading, movie nights, drag workshops, LGBT art exhibits, self defense, bowling, zine making and a whole lot more!

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Please note: The Facebook identity, or friend: “PeerProject ForYouth” will no longer be used to send out updates or communicate with the public. It will de-activated over summer of 2015 as we transition to the Facebook Page.

Last Updated: January 12, 2015 – Handbill and Monthly Events updated monthly.


Peer Project for Youth (ages 13-21)

Peer Project for Youth is a program that offers LGBTTQIA* youth a safe, fun place to learn new skills, create projects and celebrate our identities! PPY seeks to build the capacity of LGBTTQIA* youth to support and encourage their peers to learn more about sexual orientation, gender identity and anti-homophobic education. PPY focuses on providing LGBTTQIA* youth with the opportunity to be positively supported and affirmed as LGBTTQIA* individuals; to create social change while learning valuable skills; and to increase self-esteem and self-confidence while increasing social networks, contacts and support communities for youth.

On Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as the third Saturday of the month,  PPY offers workshops and events that are decided upon by YOUTH! If there is a workshop you would like to see take place, a skill you want to learn or a discussion you think we should have, give us a call or send us an email! Monday night workshops include a focus on leadership capacity building, developing new skills, engaging in facilitated discussions, creative expression and community building. At each program we offer free tasty snacks and free bus tickets in case you need a way home.

Our events are updated monthly on our website and weekly through our Facebook Page. See below under “This Months Events” for the most recent copy of our Handbill.

You are welcome to call us ahead of time (204-474-0212) to confirm times and locations of programming or to schedule a tour or meeting with our Youth Program staff to see if PPY is a good fit for you!

What to expect & How to Get Involved

To get involved all you need to do is DROP-IN! Just show up! Its that easy…

But here are some helpful tips so you can be super prepared to attend PPY:

1) You can call ahead of time to see what the event is (204-474-0212 Ext. 223 or 210) or schedule a tour with one of the PPY staff so you can get to know your surroundings before jumping into some of the events!

2) Sometimes we can seem like a rowdy bunch especially when you first arrive! Thats just because we love to support individuality, self expression and have lots of fun at PPY. Don’t be alarmed if it seems a bit hectic or noisy. We have a small space and the sound can travel! However, there are always friendly staff and youth around to welcome you and get you feeling comfortable. We do our VERY BEST to make sure the environment is a respectful one for everyone!

3) We encourage you to bring a friend or trusted adult with you when you make your first trip! This can help the transition into a new and unfamiliar place.

4) Add us on Facebook! That way you can get to know some of the PPY Youth and Staff ahead of time! We are a friendly bunch and we encourage community building that works for you! You can do this by adding “PeerProject ForYouth” as a friend!

5) Finally, you do NOT need any money when coming to PPY! All of our events are FREE. Furthermore, we provide tasty snacks and bus tickets to get home and you can use our phones if you need to call your ride.

Here is a list of our Rights and Responsibilities – a charter that was accepted by the same youth who attend PPY on a regular basis:

  • We have the responsibility to respect diverse identities in all its forms.
  • We have the right to choose our own labels or not to have a label at all.
  • We have the responsibility to keep personal disputes out of the group.
  • We have the right to privacy – what is said in the group, stays in the group.
  • We have the right to our own opinions.
  • We have the responsibility to respect others’ and their personal space.
  • We have the right to feel safe in a non-violent environment.
  • We have the right to be listened to, and the responsibility to listen.
  • We have the responsibility to maintain our shared physical space.
  • We have the responsibility to take part in planned activities and the right to leave at any time.
  • We have the responsibility to respect staff, volunteers and guests.
  • We have the responsibility to respect everyone’s rights.


Why does PPY exist?

People of all ages need a community where they feel validated, safe and cared for, where they can access resources and information, meet friends and attend fun social activities. For LGBTTQIA* youth it can often be hard to find these communities, so we have enabled a space where LGBTTQI* and allied youth can fulfill these need.

Who comes to PPY?

That’s a hard question to answer as youth of all backgrounds and schools attend. Regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, ability, nationality, appearance or sexual orientation, LGBTTQI* and allied youth can and do attend. Youth who come to PPY are at different stages in processing and discovering their identities and have different needs. There is one similarity that we can all connect to though: we either are or know someone who is queer. At the RRC, we want to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, that everyone feels safe and that your voice is heard, which is why we continually ask you wonderful young people: what do you want to see? What do you need?

What if I am scared to come!

Everyone who comes for their first time is usually anxious or intimadated. Just remember, you are welcome to go at any time, and the staff and volunteers are here to ensure a positive space for you to learn, grow, celebrate who you are and have fun!

Do I need to identify as LGBTTQIA* to come?

Nope! PPY focusses on providing support to LGBTTQIA* identified young people, but acknowledges the importance of ALLIES to the community. An ally is a person who does not identify with the group or population they support. Young people who feel connected to social justice issues or who just want to have a good time are totally welcome to come check it out!

This Month’s Events! 

* ALL EVENTS OCCUR AT 170 SCOTT STREET, 7pm-9pm UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED HERE * Check out our new Facebook Page to get up to date news about programming, including cancellations and changes.

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GSA’s and GSA Workshops

Is your school trying to start a GSA? PPY and the Rainbow Resource Centre can help you! The Youth Program now offers workshops for GSA’s on the following topics: Starting a GSA/GSA 101; Sustaining A GSA; Throwing a Successful GSA Event.

The Youth Program also provides direct support through in person GSA consultations which can be booked by contacting Jared Star at 204-474-0212, ext. 202. A consultation can be with teachers, students or both and can be as formal or informal as necessary. Sometimes GSA’s just need to connect with resources, other GSA’s or need to refocus their energy, and here is where we can help. The Youth Program is connected with many other organizations and GSA’s and stays current on political issues and resources that affect us all, so call anytime!

Manitoba Provincial GSA Conference 


The Rainbow Resource Centre is proud to offer a full day of learning and networking for youth and youth service providers involved in their Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) or any other social justice / student group that promotes LGBTTQIA* human rights and interests.

All conference news and updates will be communicated through this site under a new tab called: standOUT!

Stay tuned for more!

Camp Aurora – third week in July 2016!

** For the latest news on Camp Aurora 2016, please click here! **

Camp Aurora is a summer camp for LGBTTQIA* people aged 14 to 19. For more information or to download forms to come as a camper or to apply to be a Peer Youth Leader (ages 20-26), please visit the site below.

You can also LIKE us on Facebook to get up to date information and news about Camp Aurora. Check out the link below:

Camp Aurora Facebook Page